Tuesday, March 11, 2008

News on Leaving Jack

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited about my new book coming out in the UK in May (2008) and South Africa in June, entitled Leaving Jack.

Although it's a work of fiction, it's based on actual events that took place at the end of the Vietnam War concerning the war dogs who were abandoned in South East Asia by the US government.

It's a pretty sad story and one that very few people know about. If you're an animal lover, it's the kind of story you'll find pretty hard to believe.

For more information, please visit my website (www.garethcrocker.com) . You'll find all sorts of information about the book and what actually happened during that dark time.

If you're an animal lover or, in particular, a dog lover ... you're going to want to know the story.

I would like to believe it's one of the most important animal stories of our time. Please pass on the message to your friends.

PS: I'll be a lot more active on my blog as soon as the book is released.


alistair said...

Congratulations Gareth. I'd very much like to get a copy of your book when it arrives. That's a nice author's website you have there too ;)

Gareth Crocker said...

Thanks, kind friend.

Mickey said...

Great book! You make SA proud! I never read but with your book I was unable to put it down. Thanks!

Gareth Crocker said...

Hi Mickey,

Thanks so much for the kind words - I really appreciate it. I'm really glad you enjoyed it - I hope it's a story you'll remember for some time to come!

Take care,

Tracey said...

Congratulations on the great book review posted in The Star. Well deserved...
I have read your book 3 times now, and can't wait for the next one.

Gareth Crocker said...

Hi Tracey,

I'm sure you're kidding about having read the book three times - but thanks very much for the kind words. I'm busy working on the second book and I'm hoping it'll be released in the first half of next year. It's called Journey from Darkness and I hope it's going to be even better than Leaving Jack.

Take care,

Shona said...

Hi Gareth,

I read about your book in the Animal Talk mag while waiting in the doctors rooms. I imeadiately went the same day and bought a copy of the book. I read it in 3 days inbetween work and home life and battled to put it down. I have now purchased a copy for my sister for christmas.

Its a excellent book and very heart breaking. I recommend this book for anyone...my son who is 14 is now reading it and his friends are waiting to get hold of it once he has finished.

Thank you for telling the story, I can't believe that dogs had to be left behind after saving so many soldiers.

Thank you, the best book I have ever read.

Gareth Crocker said...

Dear Shona,

Thank you so much for the kind words - they are much appreciated. Was it really the best book you've ever read? If so, I'm delighted.

Leaving Jack will always be very special to me and I hope those few who read it keep a place in their hearts for all those poor dogs who were left to fates unknown.

If you liked Leaving Jack, then hopefully you'll love my next book. I'm about two thirds of the way through and it should be published next year. It's called Journey from Darkness (working title).

Thank you for the support.

Yours in narrative,

Jani said...

Bravo! I've read thousands of books in my 54 years and yours is one of the best. Please keep writing.
Thank you from New Mexico

Gareth Crocker said...

Hi Jani,

Thanks so much for your kind words - it is much appreciated! I'm working on my second book at the moment and if you liked the first, I suspect you might really like this one. It should hopefully be out towards the end of the year.

Take care of yourself.


lyv4mycoal said...

I am having a hard time getting a copy of your book. I read it in the readers digest condensed book, but I can't find a hard copy. I loved the story and I want to get a copy for my dad for Father's Day. I order a copy thru Amazon.co.uk back in April...it hasn't shipped yet. Any suggestions? It's a great read and I know my dad would love it. Thanks.

LyndaJ said...

Gareth, I have just this minute finished your book 'Leaving Jack! I am in floods of tears! Never has a story touched me like this one! It was the cover that originally attracted me to the book and I'm so glad it did! I read many genres, many books, but this one has touched me like nothing else! As I finished most chapters, the sobs caught in my throat with the passion of the writing. I have been telling everyone as I've been reading, about the story and urging them to read it. You have a special talent! Keep writing! This has got to be made into a film! In todays world with all the depressions and failures, this book should be read by all-it is an object of inspiration and illuminates the power of love and what it can achieve! Life and love are the most IMPORTANT things-everything else is immaterial....THANK YOU GARETH

Gareth Crocker said...

Hi there,

Thank you both for your wonderful messages - I can't tell you how grateful I am for your kind words. I'm afraid the entire first edition of Leaving Jack has been sold out globally, so I'm afraid there are literally no copies left...

However, the good news is that the hardcover was picked up by MacMillan and will be published in trade paperback in the US and Canada next year. The film rights have also been sold. So who knows ... Jack may leap from the page and onto the screen!

Anyway, thank you both and on the off chance my second book, Journey from Darkness (working title) gets published, please look out for it and let me know what you think.

Yours in narrative,
From Gareth and Jack.

Darrell Kreimeyer said...

This is a story every American should read. I'm of the Vietnam era, and as I read "Leaving Jack" the emotions came flooding back, and I cried several times.
Dogs give unconditional love and want nothing more than to please their masters. Thanks for the great read! Darrell Kreimeyer

shelleyannlee said...

Hi, I just finished reading Leaving Jack and it was one of the best books I have read in a longtime.It made me cry quite a few times but I just could not put it down I sat and read the whole thing.I can't wait to see what else you come out with. Again Thanks for a great story!!

Gareth Crocker said...

Thanks Shelley,

Your kind words are appreciated.

I've now completed two further books, but it will be some while until they hit bookstores. Leaving Jack is being re-released in the US in March 2011 and it's likely my next book will only be published, globally, in 2012.

The publishing wheel turns far too slowly for my liking!

Anyway, thanks again and take care of yourself.


Елена said...

Здравствуйте,Гарет Крокер!
Спасибо Вам ОГРОМНОЕ за вашу книгу "оставить Джека"!Я дочитала эту книгу совсем недавно и до сих пор под огромным впечатлением.
Я и смеялась и плакала.. Такое ощущение,что я пережила отрезок жизни вместе с Флетчером и Джеком!
Спасибо Вам за эти впечатления!!!
С уважением к Вашему таланту
Елена (Россия,г.Томск)

Cake Betch said...

Hey Gareth, read the description for your book at Coffee with a Canine. Sounds like it'll be really good! Going to try to get my hands on it :-)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

I remember reading about the dogs being killed or abandoned when the troops left Vietnam and could barely believe our country could be so callous and cruel. Good luck with your book sales.

cori4019 said...

Gareth.....Just wanted to say your book was written beautifly and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations..it belongs on a best sellar list! I'm not big on animals (I got scared as a kid and never got over it) and it brought me to tears more than once. When I go back to the library I'll look to see if you have anything else going yet. Once again I loved it.
Mary Howie (age 70yrs)

roger4golf said...

I just completed your book and enjoyed it greatly. As a Vietnam era veteran I was saddened to learn that our government abandoned these canine heroes.

Thank you for a heartwarming story.

Roger T.

askarperud said...

Thank you so much for a wonderful book. A friend gave it to me on vacation and as soon as I get home I am buying a copy. I read it in 1 day and cried as I read parts. As a dog lover I can't bear to think of the dogs left behind and want to think they all found loving homes like Jack. Can't wait for your next book

Annette said...

Well Done, Gareth Crocker.
Well Done!
I thank you for the story of Finding Jack , recommended to me by a fellow dog rescuer .
The descriptive narrative held me hostage ... I couldn't sway from the story for a moment.
Even now, if I bring to recall the scene of Fletcher swallowing his own vomit, I gag unmercifully.
I saw myself, a 60 year old grandmother, as Fletcher. THAT'S how exact your writing is! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
As I read your story, my 14 year old Golden was by my side.
Ah, love....
Annette & Calypso

Reader said...

Finding Jack was so moving. I found myself in tears many times during and especially at the ending of your book. Beautifully and simply written, the only reason I had to put it down was to take a breather from the sadness! If I knew about the war dogs, I must have blocked it from memory. Our countrymen that allowed the abondonment of these friends should suffer guilt for the rest of their days. I look forward to your next book. God Bless the American soldier!

Денис said...

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